We've prepared some general guidance on some of the health issues relating to feral pigeons and the steps you should consider to make sure you're protected professionally.

The dangers of feral pigeons The feral pigeon is very common and found in all areas of the Maharashtra- and the most pressing issue associated with their presence is one of safety.

This is because they can harbour a large variety of diseases and insects on their body and in their nests, and their fouling presents public health concerns.

As a result - while the introduction of effective bird management procedures can present challenges for those tasked with the maintenance of buildings - it is a matter that cannot be ignored.

Pigeon droppings can be very dangerous. Their droppings also create an unsightly visual effect, and the noise they generate is another disruption.

Finally, there are the health and safety implications of slips and trips caused by the droppings to consider – and the fact that birds and their nests can support parasites such as mites, ticks, fleas and beetles.

To protect visitors and staff facilities, those in charge of a building’s maintenance should not overlook bird control as part of an effective onsite pest management programm.

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